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Be Sexually Free In Thailand

Let´s be real for a moment, people love sex and in 2017, they love to talk about it, watch it, and do it, any kind of activity involving it. Nevertheless, there are some places where is more accepted to express yourself freely and Thailand is one of those locations. With an extent variety of bars, discos and streets to visit, this country will lure those willing to break their limits regarding their sexuality. Imagine the stories you will have to tell when you return home and the envy of your friends; because let´s face it, everyone wants a more active sex life.

Over the years, the amount of people that come to Thailand searching the attractions of this beautiful country has increased significantly, coming from all over the world. Now is important to remember that in order to fully enjoy your trip you have to take care of yourself, so don´t forget your condom back home, because you may regret it later.

Thailand doesn’t discriminate and there is something for each one, multiple options for men and women. There are over 30,000 sex workers are active in Bangkok of whom 7,000-10,000 are females who work specifically in the tourism sector. Your sexual needs will be satisfied without a doubt. The most visited cities are Phuket, Pattaya, Koh Samui, Chiangmai and of course Bangkok.

According to the city, you are in, the prices and locations available will vary, the only thing that will remain a constant is the amount of hot Thai girls you will encounter and have a chance to hook up with.

The owners of establishments are well aware of what the tourists come looking for and will offer the best they have. But you must not trust everyone or take the first thing you see, try to interact with other tourist, make friends with the local people, find the bar or disco that adjust to your needs and believe me , you will have the nights of your life.

Pattaya Nightlife
Pattaya Nightlife

One of the most famous places all over Thailand are the Go-go bars, where you will find the coolest drinks and the finest girls, is the perfect spot for the first visitors of the country. When you enter, you will absolutely enjoy the view, bikini girls dancing in the center stage, a very lively atmosphere and the highest energy of the Thai nightlife. Bangkok, Pattaya and Phuket are the cities with the biggest quantity of Go-go bars. You must have in mind that

These bars are not as cheap as others because of the quality of their services, and because you get a nice view of the girls in order to avoid any troubles when you take one with you. You don’t want to wake up with a lady-boy, so the money you will expend will be worth it. Always remember this: Go-go bars are not a place to go have deep conversations with the girl or get to know her passions in life, so be straightforward with your sex desires and don’t waste anyone´s time.

For those who may not like to dance or to listen to high music all night, you may want to look for the beers bars. These can be found everywhere in Thailand, even the smallest village have one. They are the symbol on Thailand’s sex industry. In Pattaya alone, there are over 2000 beer bars with an average of 5-10 girls ready to entertain you. People will find them more relaxed than the Go-go bars, cheaper as well, the perfect location to have a more laid-back night; also, you get to know the girls better, but try not to forget

Pattaya Nightlife
Pattaya Nightlife

The fact that they are paid to be polite and flirty so don’t think you are going to make one of the hottest girls in Earth fall in love with you, only because you are a nice guy. Have fun with them, buy a couple of drinks, share a few laughs then escort one (or two maybe) to your hotel room and blow her mind with your abilities. Something that distinguishes these bars over the Go-go is the way the girls will treat you, they will be way more of the girlfriend experience girls than the others.

Thailand will treat you as well as you treat it´s people. Be polite with the locals, do not think because you are a tourist willing to expend money in the bars and discos, everyone will be your friend. The girls can and will reject you if you are rude with them or try to be a smart ass with the price you agreed on with one. So be a fun person, have your drinks, flirt with the hottest girls, taste the freedom Thailand gives you, but know your limits and don’t get into any trouble.

Communication can be a trouble for some, so don’t be one of those persons and learn the most common words use by the sex tourists and the girls you will meet:

Bar fine: A fee you have to pay the bar to take the girl out of the bar.

Short-time: Taking a girl short time. Usually one shot back at your hotel or in a short-time hotel.

Long-time: Taking a girl for the entire night, and the following day until she’ll go back to work.

Fishbowl: A room full of ladies with a glass in between you and the girls. Normally found at the soapy massage parlors.

Butterfly: A person that has sex with, or mix between many different sex partners.

Mongering someone that is doing the activity of finding a hooker to have sex with.

Bar bell: A bell inside the go-go bars and beer bars. If you ring the bell you will buy a drink to the entire bar. Never ring in this bell for fun or if you don’t have the money.

Shot: How many times you can cum.

With all this information, you are more than ready to go hook up with as many girls your wallet allows you; after all, you don’t want to return home with zero money. Meet and have sex with the most beautiful girls in Thailand, be sexually free in the Land of Smiles.

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