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How Prostitution in Thailand looks like

Prostitution in Thailand

In spite of the fame and popularity, Thailand is at the top of the list; however, the truth is that prostitution is illegal in this country, and even more so is forbidden to have sex with a prostitute under 18 years. Although this is something that is partially regulated, the truth is that this practice is tolerated throughout the country, and it is even said that there are some leaders who have interests in the Thai sex industry. One of the main problems with prostitution is that it is not regulated in its entirety, and it is very difficult to determine the number of working prostitutes in the country.

A few years ago, the government took into account the problem of prostitution. They raised the possibility of making it legal and thus have a way to regulate prostitution, in order to control the issue of taxes and health problems, such as AIDS and HIV.

The prostitution business developed its popularity during the Vietnam War, and since then, the country has become the number one destination for tourists seeking a sex tourism destination.

Prostitution in Thailand
Prostitution in Thailand

Although the whole country is world famous, there are cities that represent its main protagonists such as Pattaya, Patong in Phuket and Bangkok. This one has places like Patpong, Nana Plaza and Soi Cowboy Street, but no matter where in any tourist go, there are businesses such as bars and karaoke where prostitution is very evident.

Something contradictory in this entire theme is that Thailand is a very religious country. In many Buddhist treatises, the woman is seen as a lower being than the man is, and it is even said that the Buddha said that the woman is impure, carnal and corrupt.

In addition, they believe that they cannot reach enlightenment. The current Dalai Lama has repeatedly claimed that women can reach enlightenment and spiritually, they are equal to men, but this branch of Buddhism is not the one practiced in Thailand and here they have their own beliefs.

With that belief in karma and the purification of the sins of previous lives, it is justified that the suffering of the prostitutes is the result of that karma. Currently and generally, wives accept prostitution because they see it as an empty sexual act, and therefore prefer their husbands to have sex with prostitutes before they look for another woman. Many Thai women also claim that the existence of prostitution reduces the incidence of rapes.

Although prostitution is illegal in Thailand since 1960 (due to a request from the United Nations in 1996), this illegality is annulled and a call of Prevention and Suppression of Prostitution is created, and this business is allowed as long as it is not in a way openly shameless.

The term prostitution is not well defined and may have many interpretations. A general way of describing it is the act of sexually satisfying someone in exchange for money or a benefit. Nevertheless, regardless of the correct term, the law is quite clear for those business owners of prostitution with penalties of more than 15 years in jail, especially when there is the exploitation of minors or forced prostitutes. This is where the issue of police corruption usually comes in, and many owners are forced to surrender to the police large sums of money to continue having their business open.

Prostitution in Thailand
Prostitution in Thailand

There are places of all kinds in Thailand, from bars that are oriented to Western clients, to girls ‘bars, or boys’ bars in the case of homosexuals, transsexuals, or simply bars with workers who interact with clients for that these consume drinks. In recent years, the number of prostitutes has increased considerably, especially the market of homosexuals and transsexuals, which is becoming very popular among Western women in Europe, mainly the United Kingdom. There are clubs that serve women clients, not only Westerners, but above all, they serve clients from Thailand, as well as foreign customers from other Asian countries, especially Japan.

It is said that the sexual impulse of man is greater than that of women, especially because women can exercise control over their desires while in men there is a basic physiological need. Both men and women see positive that men occasionally vary as a couple, but female infidelity is very bad seen in Thai society. It should be noted that the sexual relations of a single woman have the disapproval of the majority of the population, but relationships with prostitutes are quite accepted and is highly recommended by men.

On the other hand, the sexual exploitation of children in Thailand exists. The reason why children are sexually exploited includes the high proportion of poor people in the country, especially in the border areas of northern Thailand where there is an ethnic population that does not have citizenship and does not have access to health services or education, so their job opportunities are very limited.

Criminal networks carry out Child trafficking, within which immigration officials or border police are believed to be involved. There is a belief or tradition that a girl’s first duty is to support her family in any way, and because of that sense of duty she is obligated to pay off her family’s debts so many of them are forced into prostitution.

Prostitution is an act that is not so bad seen in Thailand unlike the rest of the world, in fact, are considered in many cases, oppressed people who support their families through their work, can practice prostitution for years and then get married and to form a family without any kind of stigma or stain of life.

Therefore, if there is a growing business about this activity, you can visit Thailand and experience all the “offers” that you can find there. Prostitution is a way to please lonely people and works for becoming truth all your fantasies. Come on, do not be shy and enjoy those pleasures that you can find in a great Bar or in a lightly powerful and sexy street if you know what we mean.

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