Bar Girls Pattaya

Pattaya is an ideal place for fun and lust

Pattaya is a fun place, for the satisfaction of all the tourists that visit this city.
It consists of many cases that fun has to do with the crotch, this is in the area of ​​the promenade closest to the popular Walking Street as the many alleys of the same area are surprised by the large number of women offering services.
Undoubtedly, the coastal city is a destination that is more suited to those who come pure in hand than to the most puritanical.
In each block there are at least ten bars with outdoor terraces and in each one of them, potential sexual clients that detail of any age and size, these girls are forced to be with very short clothes and go out to look for the clients, while techno and rock explodes in the air without compassion.
If you walk late at night on this street or worse for the walk the prostitutes look for their latest customers in a very aggressive way and the “ladyboys” get violent.
Of course, alcohol and drugs have already taken effect. It is important to mention that there are two types of scams in the area that are in go-go bars a typical scenario in this area could be.
When you want to go out and pay for your drink, they will give you an account of 1000 baht instead of 150 baht, which is what your drink costs, and they will tell you that it is a collaboration as part of the show.
On the other hand, the owners of each local have to bribe the local police to maintain their business.
However, denial is always the best way that pattaya has to deny some of their dark faces and magics that those who live in these areas have, offer their best girls a large amount of money negotiating them so that they have left More money than usual, swindling their customers.
It is important to mention that spending a day in this city the people involved in the sex trade say that it benefits the country’s economy by attracting millions of visitors who get a lot of cash.
Not to mention that a half-monthly rental of a two-room apartment in a middle-class area can cost 500 Baht Thai, a beer in a bar 30 Thai Baht, a lunch can cost 100 Thai Baht, a pack of 80 Baht cigarettes Thai.
The bars are usually open until 02:30 or 03:00, some of the most famous bars are Baccara or Tilac, during the weekends this street is usually full of many tourists. Regarding the negotiation with suppliers, there is no doubt that a good supplier company can be the other company’s greatest asset.
The new business trends indicate a clear direction towards the conversion of suppliers as strategic allies being key points of reference in the supply chain of companies.
But before reaching that idyllic situation, it is necessary to go through a negotiation in which it is necessary to be very clear about the negotiation with suppliers.
It’s the red-light district of Bangkok. It is worth taking a walk to know one of the most popular areas of Bangkok. Full of bars with girls area dancing in bars and doing typical shows with little balls … they harass the tourist enough to enter to see it.
The street is an area closed to traffic of 400 meters in which there is an infinity of go-go bars and restaurants, when entering it you will find a lot of people walking through it while the girls at the doors of each local try to call you Attention to the cry of “Hellooo, welcomeee”.
The music with its screams will be almost everything you hear in this street of vice, the strip bars with bikini servers trying to get your attention is the most common in the area.
In any of the go-go bars where you will find light girls dancing clothes or talking with customers, the most normal thing is that they come to talk with you to ask you to invite them to a “lady drink”, which has been a cup but that has a closed price, as the night progresses it is likely that each time these girls wear less clothing but usually a tiny skirt and a tight bodice will be as light as you can see them, I do not know if there are places where lust and debauchery are greater but it is quite likely that yes, many of these bars have tables at the door so you can take something outside without having to enter the premises.
They are forced to be in very short clothes and go out to look for customers.
Not all the girls who populate bars are the same, although there are patterns that repeat themselves in many of them and all wear the same heels of heart attack.
Some will be seduced less by low passions, will be more fun or unfriendly. More noble or worse harpies. Just as among their clients there are whole and deep types and also fools of overwhelming evil.
But life in that redoubt of Pattaya that is the red zone can be very toxic in the medium term for many.

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